Author: richard

  • Sunsets and rainbows

  • Docklands from on high

  • Hosting and consolidation

    Over the years I’ve been playing with a few different options for web sites: using different hosts, different platforms and frameworks, and so on. I’ve reached a couple of conclusions: While “cool”, building my own site with a static site generator is way too much like hard work – especially from the point of view […]

  • Methlab Macros

    Went for a stroll around the estate, playing with the Olympus 60mm macro lens.

  • Spool holder for Snapmaker 2.0

    I’m a big fan of my Snapmaker 3D printer. I love the fact that, unlike many of the me-too clones on the market, it’s solidly constructed with lots of metal. No exposed drive belts, instead using linear actuators. Basically, it’s a pretty good piece of design and engineering. However, one thing that has always bugged […]

  • Sunshine after the rain

    I had to take a quick trip to the estate for some emergency maintenance, and seeing as it had stopped raining for a few minutes took the opportunity for a little stroll.

  • Mushrooms

    What comes up by the million after a bit of rain? Mushrooms!

  • After the rain

    It’s been pretty wet the last couple of weeks. It’s amazing how quickly everything turns green. We have water in the gully, and while we haven’t seen any can hear a bazillion frogs.

  • Methlab upgrades

    What’s that? New solar panels and an NBN connection?

  • Visitors

    I’m not sure if these folks are the visitors, or if they consider us to be the visitors. From the stares I’m going to assume the latter.